Records diverse input
Web application development involves variety of skills, dWebSpec provides means to record diverse inputs, facilitates collaborations and effective project management.
Model Driven Architecture
dWebspec provides for model-driven approach, which allows robust representation of application requirement or modeling, which would drive the implementation.
MVC Specification
The starting point is the MVC pattern division, and then further divisions into sub-areas of concerns. Then catering to these areas, as well integration points between them.
The robust specification capture provided by dWebSpec could easily be mapped to the syntaxes and artifacts of most web platforms. We provide application notes, translation tables or dictionaries, as well as the conversion tools that facilitate such transformations, for most platforms.
Which Platform, which Framework?
The web has become a preferred platform for applications of all sizes; with this is the yearning for easier and more logical approaches. This has spawned a plethora of web platforms and frameworks, allowing development of similar applications, but using different syntaxes and artifacts. dWebSpec provides a uniform way of representing this type of applications. The dictionary site allows the exploration of this common specification scheme, as well as translations to the various platform. Click on this dictionary link to explore.
Website News
dWebSpec dictionary now available for ASP.NET, Struts 1.x, JSF and Seam. You can use the dictionary site to explore the Specification scheme as well as translations or implementations on these platforms.